For over 30 years, we have specialized in the recovery and recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap. We also trade in raw materials, secondary materials and non-hazardous metal scrap, which we stock and process with major experience, obtaining the highest possible degree of recovery.

Pyreco is a member of: BIR (Bureau International of Recycling, Belgium), ASSOFERMET (National Association for Iron and Metals, Italy) and ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, US).






Through the implementation of an Integrated Management System (Safety – Environment), we aim to achieve the best results in the protection of the workers’ integrity and in minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. Our philosophy has led to obtain the certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 In particular, we are committed to:

  • Complying with local regulations on health and safety of workers and environment;

  • Preventing accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and any form of environmental emergency;

  • Reducing the impact or our activity on the surrounding environment;

  • Improving our operational activity and internal organization by sharing best practice rules based on a proper “modus operandi”;

  • Training workers to perform specific tasks in a safe and environmentally friendly way;

  • Supporting sustainable development through the improvement of the dumping system, the responsible use of resources and the reduction in quantity and hazard of the waste we produce.


We are also committed to ensuring that our policy:

  • provides a clear reference to define objectives related to the environment and the health and safety of workers;

  • is periodically updated;

  • is appropriately communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of the organization.